Site Agreement

This is a “pinky-swear” agreement between you and me, the author (Thomas Gorgolione).

I agree to:

  • Never share any of your personal information with anyone willingly, unless required to by law. I don’t send emails, and I don’t let other people send emails through me.
  • Never mess with your data willingly. There may be times that this happens due to bugs or server outages, but never maliciously.
  • Try to keep the site running for as long as it is useful.
  • Try to be informative, helpful, insightful, and hopefully not annoying or rude (let me know if I am).

Now, for your end of the bargain. You cannot:

  • Use the site for any unlawful purpose.
  • Use the site for any lawful but immoral purpose.
  • Use the site to harm other sites on the same server.
  • Use the site to harm other people through libel, spam, etc.
  • Hold me liable for any missing user data, comments, etc. This is only a hobby of mine, not a business. Use at your own risk.
  • Hold me liable for anything that may have been incorrect in my howtos or articles. Again, use at your own risk.