Sonic Clocks in Moscow

Here’s another pet project of mine.  It’s been said that Michael Jackson was responsible for composing most the music in Sonic 3, and you can compare some of his songs to some Sonic 3 tunes and hear their influences.  One example that’s wildly given is that Michael Jackson’s “Strangers in Moscow” and the Sonic 3 ending sequence matches in a good part of it’s chord structure.

I thought maybe it would be interesting to mash-up both songs and see what happens.  But there are a bunch of those kinds of videos on YouTube already.  Additionally, the theme of “Strangers in Moscow” is a bit different to that of the ending sequence, and so the essence of the ending sequence gets lost when combined.

However, there is hope.  I’ve also noticed that Coldplay’s “Clocks” sounds a lot like the ending sequence as well.  In fact, to me “Clocks” sounds more thematically similar than “Strangers in Moscow”.   So I decided to put all three songs together, and this is what I got.