Hi All…

Just an update to how things are going. Everything’s fine. I got a speeding ticket today, due to not being focused on the road. I was going 73 in a 55 mi/hr road. Not too bad, but I need to be paying attention a bit more. Other than that, I’m currently working on revamping the original Marble Panic (so it will be a lot more fun to play). I am also working on a project for the Nyack Chapter for ACM, but I’m not sure what that will be considering the project we wanted to do has already been done by someone else.

I am really excited about the Nyack CS website. It’s ready to be released, pending some minor fixes and approval from the Department Head. I was able to apply what I’ve been learning from Spiral and class to create something that works relatively well.

That’s all for now… Check out the other pages to see other updates..

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