I’ve been hacked — A great excuse to release tgorg.com 3.0 really early!

Yep, tgorg.com, along with a bunch of other websites on the same server, have been hacked by Crackers_Child… Which gives me the opportunity to “turn-on” tgorg.com 3.0!

It’s not in it’s final form at all, I’m using a generic theme that came with Drupal for the time being. But in a few months I hope to make the look a lot different. You’ll also notice that the downloads, web-site, etc. pages are gone. They will return, I promise…

Before I close, I want to send out a message to Crackers_Child… And don’t worry, it’s not a angry message or anything:

Crackers_Child, I want you to know that you’re not going to be hated for what you’ve done. It was wrong, but you already knew that. So I’m going to say something else instead of bashing you over the head. Dude, even though we might have different opinions on different things (heck, I don’t even know which side I’m on in regards to the opinion on the current wars), you should know that you’re loved. Loved by God, and loved by me. Prehaps you haven’t heard that from anyone that’s been the victim of you before.

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