Nyack College and the suspected attack

Nyack College as a community was notified this morning of someone getting hurt last night. We’re not sure what exactly happened, but it made the both WCBS and WABC’s news.

So, you’re wondering, how do I feel about this. I think it’s a shame that it happened, whatever did happen, though I’m not sure yet the whole story. All I know is that someone was hurt. Rumors are going around where people are fearing the worst.

I know this can be a defining time for the college. We need to be as a people committed to God. We need to show the world that we, through Christ and only through Christ, have something different about them that this world needs. I pray we can show that difference to the world so that they may know who God is.

For some who fear the worst, I think it means that we as men of Nyack College need to treat women with more respect, now more than ever. The men need to think of ways we can more brother-like to our sisters in Christ. And from now on, we should walk our sisters to their dorm if it’s late.

As a student, I realize that things will happen throughout my time here at college. And it seems to me that there can be many reactions to this. However, I think that there’s one reaction that stands above all the rest. It is one of people going to God and praying; praying for the one who was hurt, and praying even for the one who has committed the crime.

Please pray for Nyack at the present time, that God may be with us, to help us as we press forward to whatever good things God has for us, even through the seemingly bad things.

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