Summer: work, projects, and well, sleep

Well, things seem to be going pretty well here. I am still working for Spiral Binding Company, in which I am doing some pretty cool stuff which you will be able to see in the coming months at their website ( Other than that, I was able to sing with my family for the memorial day parade in a float for our church. We did pretty well (trust me, I am not a professional singer, but I can carry a tune…). Afterwards, we went to a picnic for more singing.

In addition, I have a lot of projects. I have a Spiritual Formation video project that was due, I have a few websites to work on (namely, a painting company and Nyack College’s computer science department), amongst other things. As for [working-title], it’s being debugged little by little. I really want to create some kind of avaitar system for users, which won’t be too hard to impliment. But the main items that I need to work on include getting the post movies/games thingy (did I just say ‘thingy?’) to work. I am excited that the “sign up” and “user profile” parts of the site are working, however.

Finally, please continue to keep the church in prayer.

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