tgorg update!

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t post in a while. The web server had issues, and my hosting provider quickly fixed it. However, it meant all the recent changes I made were lost, and I had to fix something in the web site code that would work after everything was restored. It also means that I will have to do some work on [working-title] to fix something I didn’t realize would be a really big security hole.

I am going to work at Spiral Binding again for the break, which is exceedingly awesome. God blessed me with a job I like doing, and I was able to learn some stuff during the fall term that I hope to use at school.

Other than that, I got into an accident recently, but everything okay; it was only a minor accident. I was able to drive my car home from college, so that was a blessing. Oh, which reminds me; I am home until January 8th or so, if you would like to contact me, pay me a visit, etc…

But back to the update, I haven’t lately told everyone about how my church is doing, mainly because I forgot. But Budd Lake Chapel seems to be doing well. We have speakers every week come in (we haven’t really been looking for a new pastor yet), and the adult Sunday School has exploded with new people (when I was there, there wern’t many people going). It’s amazing what God is doing; there’s evidence of some church growth. I will be updating the chapel web site, (’cause it has really old information that’s completely outdated). Hopefully a new system will be in place where the elders, deacons, etc. will have the ability to update portions of the website without any knowledge of HTML.

You know, it’s interesting how big it seems we’re getting as a church. If we contiune to be the community the God wants to be (rather than becoming a big church and have people who don’t know each other), and we honestly seek Him and put Him first, we will do exceedingly well. I hope that we will not become a church that aims just to “put on a show”, but rather a church that loves each other, worships together, prays together, and seeks God together.

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