The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving got me up pretty early. I normally would get up later on a Thursday Morning (namely 10:00 AM), but today I had to get up early to have breakfast; the elusive meal that I never quite catch during my college life. I was, therefore, unfortunately groggy, and not in the best of moods, which left me wanting for that “Thanksgiving-warm-fuzzy” feeling when the Holidays roll along. Needless to say, you can imagine how preturbed I got when we went to McDonalds for breakfast. Now you may be thinking, what’s wrong with Mickey D’s? For me, however, a thanksgiving breakfast at McD’s, is like eating chicken instead of turkey for Thanksgiving. I’d rather stay at home, even eating cereal. However I guess depending on who you are, it dosen’t matter where you are when you have Thanksgiving. Maybe this whole “tradition” thing isn’t necessarily the real spirit of Thanksgiving, but something else.

After I felt more awake, the holiday “fuzzy-feeling” came in with full-force, and yet I still have to question whether that in itself is the real meaning for the Hoilidays. It sorta gets old, year after year, the same opening presents, and the same eating of turkey, and I bet some would wonder why they even have a Thanksgiving or Christmas in the first place.

However, there is a meaning to all this! The only thing is that the meaning may not have been one we were thinking of. I think there’s something more real about the Holiday season when we as people give up their own ambitions and put the family first. For me it means that I would rather stay with my family than being in front of the computer screen. It means that we truely have a love for others, sacrificing our own desires, and somehow, through that, we truely get a feeling of what the Holidays mean, and what is really behind that “fuzzy-feeling”. It takes a willing sacrifice to really bring out the real meaning of something, espicially a Holiday.

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