Betcha you weren’t expecting a blog title like that hunh? Sorry for not posting in awhile… I’ve been really busy, and a lot of crazy things happened during this past weekend. It’s been particularly tough for me, and although I can’t get into any details, just know that I’m doing all right.

In other news, I haven’t shown the world my hackjob wireless adaptor:


The black plastic piece fell off, so I was using it bare. Unfortunately part of the PCB was breaking after a while of using it bare. I had to resolder some parts, while I had to “recreate” part of the antenna by soldering two pieces of the solder itself onto the board. Then I put the whole thing in silicon (because it was the only thing I had). It works, and it saved me from having to get another card.

Lastly, I’m on Facebook, so add me as your friend! I dare ya… 🙂

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