GEICO has done it again!

Interesting to point out that this is a first for me; another post within roughly 2-3 days of a previous post w00t!

Anyway, you might want to see this:

Yes, it’s Speed Racer, and yes, Trixie did save a lot of car insurance by switching to GEICO. Which is actually good news for Speed, because he’s not going to have to pay a lot on the damages when his Mach 5 goes over the bridge (then again, he’ll probably use his shock jumps to get him over it anyways).

One of the first things I’ve noticed in the “Speed Racer” Commercial, other than it being Speed Racer, was the attention to detail in the sound. They really did an authentic 70’s sounding TV show style. Secondly, I got a kick out the fact that they used Speed Racer in a GEICO commercial. The thing is, I had no clue it was going to be a commercial until Trixie said she saved a bunch of money. It was very effective in it’s attempt to completely dupe you into going along with the show, and then BAM! … oh it’s another GEICO commercial!

Okay, maybe I should quit while I’m ahead…

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