tgorg update – part deux

Saturday, August 13th had us participate in an evangelistic outreach in our town; aptly named “Park Fest”, since it was held at Modick Park in Hopatcong. I for the most part, was in charge of a running the video area (in which I didn’t get much of anyone to see). However, despite all that, during the alter call at the youth time, there were 20 kids saved, which is very cool. After all that, I had the opporutinity to sing with my family. Unfortunately, we didn’t do so great, but we were the last one’s to sing. They were packing up during our time anyway, so whether we were bad or good didn’t really matter. Most importantly however, is the fact that we did do something for God, and that we were hopefully doing it for His glory. Even though we wern’t the best singers, I was encouraged by one person because I was faithful, which was really good.

I apologize for not posting this earlier. I had a lot of work to do. We had visitors over this weekend, and I was rolling out a new site design this week for Spiral Binding Company, Inc. ( It looks really nice, thanks to a talented graphic designer, who added much of the color and home page design.

But anyway, I have exactly 7 more days before I go back to college. And I am really excited! I can’t wait to see everyone again, but at the same time, I’ll also be transitioning away from home again, so it’ll be a little tough. The thing is, it seems that home and college are two seperate worlds I live in. I don’t really go home much during college, and I don’t really go to college much while at home. So for the most part, everyone I meet at college and everyone I know from home are two seperate groups. Somehow, I’d like for some people from home to some of my friends from school (and ultimately somehow, bring these two worlds together). It sounds odd, but maybe I’m just afraid that I won’t miss my family and quickly forget about them, and vice versa.

Other than that, it’s the same old, same old.

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