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tgorg update!

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t post in a while. The web server had issues, and my hosting provider quickly fixed it. However, it meant all the recent changes I made were lost, and I had to fix something in the web site code that would work after everything was restored. It also means that I will have to do some work on [working-title] to fix something I didn’t realize would be a really big security hole. Continue reading tgorg update!

Nyack College and the suspected attack

Nyack College as a community was notified this morning of someone getting hurt last night. We’re not sure what exactly happened, but it made the both WCBS and WABC’s news.

So, you’re wondering, how do I feel about this. I think it’s a shame that it happened, whatever did happen, though I’m not sure yet the whole story. All I know is that someone was hurt. Rumors are going around where people are fearing the worst. Continue reading Nyack College and the suspected attack

tgorg @ college – part deux

Well, College is tiring. I seem to be sleepy almost evey day. But many things have been going on. I have another video job to do (which I’ve negleted to post to the projects section because it’s a menial job), I bought a new camera, which doesn’t seem to work right now (I’m hoping to get it fixed by next week), my laptop’s down, (also trying to get that fixed ASAP — no matter what though, everything will be OK), I am working on moving the Nyack CS site to the Nyack CS server, and I have a music video I am in the works of filming. The project section has been updated reflecting these new updates… Continue reading tgorg @ college – part deux

tgorg @ college

Hello. I’ve been back at college for a couple days now, and I’ve noticed a couple of things. First, this year will probably be a bit different from last year. Being able to conform to those changes will definitely be a must. Second, luckily some things haven’t changed. I’m still hanging out with the same people, and sometimes even the seniors who’ve graduated last year (and have become my friends during that time) come to stop at Nyack College for a visit. Continue reading tgorg @ college

Finally! A New Post!

Sorry about not posting in awhile. I’ve been procrastinating a lot, which is not good, but I’m hoping God will uphold me like He always has. He’s been helping me a lot lately… Other than that, I’ve slightly updated the section. I’m finally working on the design, and I get credit for doing it in my web page design class. So it’s not too bad. One of these days I’m going to need to post what I’m working on to see if anyone likes it…

In other news, today was officially a snow day for Nyack students, which means…


Well, it wasn’t as big or fighttastic as it sounds; it was more like a 10 minute snowball fight with 4 guys. But it was fun, and that was the most important part of it all. I normally stay in front of the computer screen when stuff like this happens. I guess, in this case, I’m “coming out of my shell”. I hope my night class is canceled as well, but we will see…

tgorg update – part deux

Saturday, August 13th had us participate in an evangelistic outreach in our town; aptly named “Park Fest”, since it was held at Modick Park in Hopatcong. I for the most part, was in charge of a running the video area (in which I didn’t get much of anyone to see). However, despite all that, during the alter call at the youth time, there were 20 kids saved, which is very cool. After all that, I had the opporutinity to sing with my family. Unfortunately, we didn’t do so great, but we were the last one’s to sing. They were packing up during our time anyway, so whether we were bad or good didn’t really matter. Most importantly however, is the fact that we did do something for God, and that we were hopefully doing it for His glory. Even though we wern’t the best singers, I was encouraged by one person because I was faithful, which was really good. Continue reading tgorg update – part deux

Added some stuff…

Well, I’ve added a projects page dedicated to the ACM Nyack College Chapter Website I’m working on, as well as adding more to the Spiritual Formation Video.

As for me, I’ve just finished a week of Vacation Bible School (or VBS, which is a five day event where kids come and learn about the Bible, etc.), which means another round of hard-hitting intense all out video editing for the VBS closing ceremony that was yesterday (we have the closing ceremony a day before the last day of VBS). After the usual rush to edit the video before the ceremony began, I made an attempt to chill out from the intense pressure of getting to Budd Lake Chapel, where the ceremony is held, on time. I didn’t go too crazy on my trip (in fact God tried to remind me not to worry when “God is in Control” by Twila Paris started playing from the radio when I started my car). Thankfully they were able to stall until my arrival by having a VBS participant talk about the mission that kids gave money to each day. Continue reading Added some stuff…