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School’s out for the summer….

I came home Saturday last week feeling a little dazed after hitting Starbucks with 3 of my friends. I miss Nyack. I miss the excitement, the friends, and the fun. I’m hoping somehow my life at home will be just as exciting, and somehow, I think it can. But it’s hard. I think part of the excitement comes in trying to be my own person, more independent, but at the same time I feel like I’m hurting people. Like I’m taking the wrong approach in becoming me. I’m hoping God will take care of it. Continue reading School’s out for the summer….

Spring Break Bluez

Hey peoples. I’m back at home for the week until March 11th, so if you’d like to visit, let me know.

It’s kinda interesting to me how spring break is supposed to be the giant party that everyone’s invited to, yet everyone seems to come uninvited. I really don’t see any point in celebrating it the way most college students do. Heck, I don’t even know what were celebrating in the first place! And, apparently, celebrating means getting drunk, passing out, and when you’ve awaken, you find out your either on the cold floor of a room in a cheesy motel, or in the cheesy motel’s mens restroom, which is kinda awkward considering that it has a dirt floor. Continue reading Spring Break Bluez

Hi All…

Just an update to how things are going. Everything’s fine. I got a speeding ticket today, due to not being focused on the road. I was going 73 in a 55 mi/hr road. Not too bad, but I need to be paying attention a bit more. Other than that, I’m currently working on revamping the original Marble Panic (so it will be a lot more fun to play). I am also working on a project for the Nyack Chapter for ACM, but I’m not sure what that will be considering the project we wanted to do has already been done by someone else.

I am really excited about the Nyack CS website. It’s ready to be released, pending some minor fixes and approval from the Department Head. I was able to apply what I’ve been learning from Spiral and class to create something that works relatively well.

That’s all for now… Check out the other pages to see other updates..

tgorg update!

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t post in a while. The tgorg.com web server had issues, and my hosting provider quickly fixed it. However, it meant all the recent changes I made were lost, and I had to fix something in the web site code that would work after everything was restored. It also means that I will have to do some work on [working-title] to fix something I didn’t realize would be a really big security hole. Continue reading tgorg update!

Nyack College and the suspected attack

Nyack College as a community was notified this morning of someone getting hurt last night. We’re not sure what exactly happened, but it made the both WCBS and WABC’s news.

So, you’re wondering, how do I feel about this. I think it’s a shame that it happened, whatever did happen, though I’m not sure yet the whole story. All I know is that someone was hurt. Rumors are going around where people are fearing the worst. Continue reading Nyack College and the suspected attack

tgorg @ college – part deux

Well, College is tiring. I seem to be sleepy almost evey day. But many things have been going on. I have another video job to do (which I’ve negleted to post to the projects section because it’s a menial job), I bought a new camera, which doesn’t seem to work right now (I’m hoping to get it fixed by next week), my laptop’s down, (also trying to get that fixed ASAP — no matter what though, everything will be OK), I am working on moving the Nyack CS site to the Nyack CS server, and I have a music video I am in the works of filming. The project section has been updated reflecting these new updates… Continue reading tgorg @ college – part deux